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Weddings are one of the few experiences that everyone in there lives has dreamt about at least once. Although it is a joyous occasion, there is a lot of pressure to meet the expectation one may have for this amazing day. In many ways the Wedding reception is the most difficult arena to shine due to all of the factors that can either make or break an event. In essence the professionals you hire to facilitate your reception must become a team and work together. This idea of synergy is the backbone of the Express DJs ethic. Our role in a reception is to provide entertainment to your guests using music and to facilitate requests though announcements. Some may think the obligations end there, but they do not. A good wedding DJ should consult with all the members of your assembled wedding team to help create the best experience possible. Whether it’s directing the bridal party, coordinating with the photographers and videographers to help capture amazing memories and implementing a plan with the banquet staff as to the most efficient way to deliver food.

You have many choices when it comes to DJ’s, regardless of who you choose Express DJ’s hopes this concept helps you make the best choice for wedding. However if you hire us to DJ your wedding, you will experience music that is tailored to your individual taste and events that are simple yet elegant and will undoubtedly capture the moments that you will remember forever. The approach is simple: put the emphasis on creating the desired atmosphere and be ready to make the dance floor explode when the events are over. If you have spent anytime on this site you will see that Express DJs play a lot clubs and parties. We’ve always enjoyed the challenge melding the exciting aspects of a raging club with the calm sophistication of an elegant dinner party. Both can be synergized without the cheesy wedding DJ persona that many in this industry perpetuate. We do not wish to steal the spotlight from the happy couple with stereotypical DJ banter. If you value good music, beat matching, and an overall great party look no further.

Our Lead DJ, Jim, has been doing events since he was 18 years old and has DJed over 300 wedding receptions in his career. He has worked for respected event companies such as Invisible Touch, Wayne Foster and VoxDJs before starting Express DJs. The experience and knowledge these companies offer can be brought to your event at much lower cost since Express DJs has a sole operator. Should you want to do an event which is more eleaborate then the packages listed below, please let us know.  We have a relationships with many event companies in the area and can help facilitate your vision at the best possible price.

Base Packages

  • Silver

  • $1200
  • 4 hours of services
  • 1 DJ System
  • 2 QSC K12 Speakers
  • 1 Shure Wireless Mic
  • 4 LED Dance Lights
  • Gold

  • $1400
    Ceremony + Reception
  • 5 hours of services
  • 1 DJ System
  • 4 QSC K12 Speakers
  • 1 Shure Wireless Mic
  • 4 LED Dance Lights
  • Platinum

  • $1600
    Ceremony + Reception
  • 6 hours of services
  • 2 DJ Systems
  • 4 QSC K12 Speakers
  • 2 Shure Wireless Mics
  • 4 LED Dance Lights
Prices listed are for personal estimate purposes only. Factors such as date, distance and availability may further effect pricing. Please submit your event details through the contact form by clicking "book" to get an official quote.  Thanks!

Included Services

DJ & M.C. Services

Not only do we play great music but can rock the mic!  Whether you need the party pumped up, or an elegant announcement... we have you covered!


We always show up early and setup our gear in a timely fashion.  After the event we haul everything away...  like we were never there!

Liability Insurance

We have a $2,000,000 general liability policy.  If the unthinkable happens, we are prepared for it.  Proof of insurance available upon request.


Every event begins with a comprehensive consultation meeting.  We enjoy hearing our clients visions and helping make them a reality.

Package Additions


12 LEDs for $400

Song Edits

$50 an hour

Video DJ

2 Screens for $1000

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