What's a party without great music!?

Retro Open Format Music Video Mix

A live set by JIMBO from Tower 12 in Hermosa Beach!  It's a 3+ hour action packed mix of throwback Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance and Motown hits.  It's an excellent example of the versatility and skill Express DJ's can bring to your event!  Any DJ can mix one genre for a set but it takes true skill to blend genres and styles into a cohesive musical experience.  Be sure to give this video a few seconds to load...  it's huuuge!  An audio only version is available by clicking below.

Modern Open Format Mix

A modern open format mix with current hits.  This mix ranges from the best in Hip-hop to EDM to Top 40.

Big Room Electro Mix

A pulse racing EDM mix from the peak era of big room electro (2008-2013).  Get ready to fist pump!!

Chilled Out House Mix

A mix of great tropical and deep house plus indie dance jams.  This mix begins very laid back,builds BPM's yet retains it's chill.

Fun Deep House & Indie Dance Mix

This is a mix series JIMBO puts out every few months of breaking new future house and indie dance tracks.